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      Welcome to the website of Historian/Freelance Writer/Author | RJ Morgan Smith-- that's me!

      I hope as you explore the site, you find something positive, affirming and uplifting-- something that keeps you coming back for more! 

      Historian, freelance writer and now author, I've worn a lot of other hats, too. Military Wife. Mom. Girl Scout Leader and Trainer. World Traveler. Outdoor Adventurer and Facilitator. Athlete. I can drive a "a stick" on either side of the road, sail a boat (by motor or wind), operate a motorcycle, back a trailer! Snorkel and S.C.U.B.A. dive. 

      But I like quiet activities, too. Reading. Hiking. Fishing. Classic movies. Baking. (Although the baking isn't so quiet when I forget to set a timer!)

      This website is to use some of all that to connect people. You and me. Me with others. YOU with others. There's a lot we can learn from each other. History and Travel. Life Experiences. But, also, new points of view. Perspectives. This website and its blogs-- and the interconnecting social medias-- express my point of view, my perspectives. You may agree-- or, not-- and that's okay. But our world needs more kindness, more respectfulness. Feel free to help me share that viewpoint! 

     Maybe-- just maybe-- along the way, I'll be able to share a little something to make your week a little bit  brighter. A verse. A quote. A story. Or, a joke! Speaking of which...

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Have a great week!

701 Miracal Place

Jack Campbell. Growing up on a Texas ranch and serving in the Marine Corps taught Jack all kinds of lessons. Hard work. Courage. Perseverance. When his dream job in high finance finally comes along, he is more than prepared for the amazing increase in pay and perks, even if the hours are significantly longer than before. What it didn’t teach him was how to handle the come-ons of his boss’s gorgeous daughters without losing his job. Or his girlfriend, Molly.


Molly Thompson. Growing up under the banner of the Marine Corps, Molly lived all over the country and experienced different cultures around the world, but nothing prepared her for the world of high society. When Jack takes her along for a weekend at the seaside mansion his new boss, Molly’s opinion of Jack’s new world is not a positive one. As Jack is pulled deeper into this new world and away from her, Molly has to decide what she wants for herself, personally and professionally, and whether she is willing to reach for it.


Surrounding Jack and Molly are the other residents of Dannigan’s Boarding House— ten friends who have become family to one another. Each resident has followed his or her own path to the old brownstone apartment building, but once there, they have been woven together into a unique and beautiful tapestry. Each individual story has become part of a larger tale—one that is focused upon Jack and how he changes as success beyond belief is rained down upon him. And, how those changes in turn affect others around him.


701 Miracal Place is in many ways an allegorical novel, encased by a supernatural wager on whether Jack will change as his circumstances do. It is a story about having the courage to make choices and living with the results. 701 Miracal Place is also a story of love in all its forms and discovering what really matters in life is not where you are, but who you are with.

In Progress:    
                      Another Year at Miracal Place
      Life After Death         The Girl Next Door
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