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25 June 2021

      Well, there's been a lot going on since I last posted on this page, but I'll just mention the latest and greatest:

Awesome ROAD TRIP to the Blue Ridge Christian Writers' Conference,

just outside of Asheville, North Carolina!

      Two days driving there, navigating a bunch of back roads purely by accident.

      Five days at The Blue Ridge Conference Center, meeting a slew of magnificent people-- publishers, editors, agents and other wacky, wonderful writers like myself! A reminder that it's okay to be me. Enjoying the beauty of the mountains of North Carolina. Fellowship with friends-- old and new. And learning more about the craft and industry of which I'm a part.

      Followed by three days of wandering with my fellow gypsy, Erin, exploring off the beaten path-- on purpose this time. Squirrels, chipmunks, pigs, elk, bears. And, let's not forget the vultures. Oh, no, we simply cannot forget the vultures! (A story for another time. Watch the blogs.) Moonshine, whiskey and wine. (A nice little rhyme!) Barbecue, burgers and cajun. Baby goats on the roof, chocolate monkeys, Christmas hotels and King Kong hanging around. 

     I need to find a tee-shirt that reads something like:

Animals fear me,

Vultures follow me.

                                                                                                          Let's call it a gift for a friend.

Now, to get to work!

The first award of my adult writing career. It may not seem like much, but to a writer, it's a bit of a big deal!

9 October 2019 
      I just returned from attending the American Christian Fiction Writers convention in San Antonio! I thought I was finally finished editing 701 Miracal Place, and then I took a seminar on "dialogues" and another called "Small Edits, Big Changes". Both classes left me feeling that I still needed to find ways to improve the story, to polish the tale until it shines. So, I steeled myself, ready for another go and then heard the following: "Once you get published, enjoy looking at your book on the shelves. Admire its cover. Appreciate the hard work you put in. But never, ever, open it and read it, again. You'll always think you could do better." (Actually, he said "you'll think it's crap!")
         So, I will look through it, again-- only for a few tidbits of editorial improvements. Then, it's off to the agent and the publisher who asked to see the whole thing. Wish me luck! No. Scratch that. Wish me success!


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